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Departure Information

The layout of the Departure and its procedures are as follow:

Only confirmed ticketed passengers are allowed to enter the departure check-in-counter. After exhibiting your ticket to the security personnel at the main-gate of the departure check-in-counter, it is advisable that you go for the baggage security check, after which you proceed to the concerned airlines counter. There is a free SIM card distribution service for nepalese heading for working purpose towards QATAR. If you had endorsed any item in your passport, you can show your passport to the Custom staff seated behind the Custom Counter, so that they can be sure you are carrying back those endorsed items with you. Once your baggage have been checked, all departing passengers must fill in the embarkation card in immigration area then only proceed to the sterile zone of the departure hall.
 It is advisable that you arrive at the airport well in advance. There is a free WiFi and free telephone booth in the sterile zone which is entered after getting through the security formalities. Having completed all the necessary formalities you can now relax, contemplate and think about the precious moments you had here in Nepal.

Eventually, you may have faced immense difficulties while getting out of TIA during your arrival due to different factors. We sincerely apologize for this. Whatever may have been the cause - delay of baggage handle, hassle by the street urchins loitering around TIA, still whether you are on your way to a vacation in getting of your next business meeting or jetting off for your visit, we at TIA are working very hard to make your stay here be it transit/departure/arrival as smooth as possible. TIA urges all the tourists to experience the magic of land that becomes every visitor to experience the land of the wild untamed terrain, lofty, majestic mountains and the one and only Shangri-La of the world.
If you come again (which we are confident you will) you will experience a better, beautiful, and more facilitated TIA. Your revisit to this land of multicultural, smiling and happy faces will welcome you and make your stay full of fun and lots of fond memories to carry back home. Indeed TIA will be a friendly rendezvous you have waited so long to cherish.

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