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    Below is the list of contact numbers of Departments and Divisions of Tribhuvan International Airport. Please contact on the numbers for business or other information.

    Department/Division Contact No.
    General Manager 01-4113261
    International Terminal Management Section 01-4113263 For International Flights
    Domestics Terminal Management Section 01-4113299 For Domestic Flights
    Airport Operations Department 01-4113296
    Flight Operations Department 01-4498775
    Technical Service Department 01-4113232
    Air Traffic Svc/SAR Division 01-4113297
    Aero. Com. Division Aero. Com. Division
    Training, Rating & Performance Evaluation Division 01-4113033, Ext 4019
    Com. & Nav-Aid Division 01-4113185
    Airside Management Division 01-4113033, Ext 4012
    Radar Surveillance Division 01-4113247
    Electro-Mechanical Division 01-4113033, Ext 2484
    Terminal Management Division 01-4113033, Ext 2422
    Aviation Security Management Division 01-4113074
    Rescue & Fire Fighting Division 01-4113275
    Corporate Division 01-4113292
    Civil Engineering Division 01-4490699
    Administration Division 01-4113033, Ext 4023
    Finance Division 01-4113033, Ext 2494
    Flight Permission & ATS Revenue Division 01-4113033, Ext 2320
    Aerodrome Safety Office 01-4113033, Ext 2319
    International NOTAM Office 01-4113178
    Airport Telephone Exchange 01-4113033
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