Parking: International

Airport charges for International Flight


When an aircraft is parked no Parking Charges shall be levied for the first 3 hrs. Provided that the period of parking exceeds 3 hrs, then 6 each hrs will make one parking unit. Charge will be charged as 25% of one parking at a time but Aircraft must be on Kathrnandu base. Non-base Kathmandu will be charged as 50% of above and Charter will be same.

Charge is calculated as the following table.

S.N Aircraft's Allup Weight (Kgs) Charge Basic Charge
1. Upto: 50,000 Kgs Per 1000 Kgs. US$ 1.00
2. 50,000 Kgs - 1,00,000 Kgs First 50,000 Kgs.
After 50,000 Per 1000
US$ 49.00
US$ 1.05
3. Above 1,00,000 Kgs First 1,00,000 Kgs.
After 1,00,000 Per 1000
US$ 122.25
US$ 1.95

Note :-

  •  Parking charge shall be calculated as per Nepal Rastra Bank's Current Rate of Exchange.